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World Press Photo 2013

World Press Photo  2013,   Daily Life  , Honorable Mention:   Frederik Buyckx

World Press Photo 2013, Daily Life, Honorable Mention: Frederik Buyckx

I'm a fan of World Press Photo, but I rarely find myself in Toronto's Financial District; as a result, almost missed out on this year's exhibit. Fortunately, I was reminded that I still had two more days to view the images, so I zipped into Brookfield Place earlier for some Sunday afternoon inspiration. Very thankful I did.
Personal highlights? Seeing as I have an admitted fetish for urban social blight, the ones that affected me most were Frederik Buyckx's artfully composed pieces on Rio de Janiero's favelas and Paolo Pellegrin's haunting B&Ws of the Crescent, an impoverished suburb of Rochester. But by far, the prize for most heart-breaking goes to Ebrhim Noroozi's observed portraits of Somayeh and her daughter Rana, who were both doused with acid in their sleep by Somayeh's husband. Frustrating... yet incredibly powerful and inspirational. Everything I expect photojournalism to be.
Fellow Torontonians: only one more day to check out the exhibit until 2014. As I say every year, the more people who can see these images, the better.
Brookfield Place. 9AM-9PM.