Newcomer Kitchen: An employment program for Syrian refugees + beyond

A group of Syrian moms have recently taken over The Depanneur, a local Toronto kitchen, to do what they do best -- cook delicious Syrian food for the masses, while earning an income at the same time. This program is a brilliant idea, but requires some extra funds to turn this into an official employment program for not only Syrians in Toronto, but any newcomer groups in other cities, too.

Most of us who live in any large city can empathize with the ridiculous costs of transportation, daycare, and rising rents... even those of us who have a relatively decent income aren't immune. I can't imagine what it's like for people who are truly struggling to find funds to pay for all of this, but are also simultaneously forced to deal with a new country, culture, language, and discrimination. And that's why I think this program is incredible.

If you have a few dollars and can sacrifice a dinner out this week, please toss your money over here. Sweet fundraising incentives, too!

Check out their Fundrazr page and donate soon -- they're running out of time and low on funds!